Houston Hail Storm

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June 13, 2017
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June 18, 2017

Houston Hail Storm

Basic Things You Should Know After a Houston Hail Storm

Dealing with roofing damage is a stressful scenario. However, this can be something unavoidable at times. And for good reasons, a lot of homeowners are getting an insurance policy for these scenarios.

According to experts, hail is the leading cause of roof damage to homes. If you’ve experienced Houston hail storm damage your property, the first thing that you need to think of is your home insurance policy. Does your insurance policy cover for such? It is a good option that you call the insurance company for clarifications if you have to. And often times, knowing your policy can help solve a lot of potential problems.

Find a Contractor ad know the policy

One of the things that you have to understand is that you have to act quickly when it comes to hail damage. There are instances when you will have to wait before contractors can work on your roof especially when a lot of homeowners in your neighborhood also experienced hail damage.

The older the roof gets, the more likely that it is going to be susceptible to damage. If you are already dealing with a damaged roof, it is important to already make a list of potential contractors that are going to handle your concerns. It is a good idea that you compare the contractors in order to get the best deal. Keep in mind that experience, manpower, and their reputation as a roofing contractor can all make a huge difference in roof repair.

Next, once you have chosen the right contractor, be sure to meet with the adjuster that your insurance company sent together with the contractor. It is going to be easier to provide all of the concerns of the contractor face to face than over the phone.

How to get the best deal from an insurance company

Expect that the adjuster is going to provide you with an offer. In some instances, you really don’t need to accept the offer immediately. There are times when you also need to make sure that you get an independent adjuster and submit the findings to the insurance company. It is important that your deal is going to encompass everything that the contractor indicated.

It is also a good idea that you just don’t go for the contractor suggested by the insurance company. You can do your own research and get the best in your area. If your insurance company is suggesting a contractor, it is possible that they are looking after the insurance company and not you.

What if your claim is denied? That’s when you can hire an attorney to make sure that you are getting your fair share. These legal experts are going to contact the state insurance commissioner and file a dispute. Of course, you have to consider the fact that it takes additional work and also an additional cost. However, if you really have a chance of winning the case, you can definitely head to this direction. You simply need to document everything correctly. Make sure that you take the necessary photos to prove the damage on your roof not to mention take the receipts of the cost of repairs that you are going to cover.

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