Water Damage Gainesville Florida

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June 24, 2017
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Water Damage Gainesville Florida

Basic Things To Remember When Dealing With Water Damage Gainesville Florida

Dealing with water damage can cost a lot of money. Whether your pipe bursts or there’s a hole in your roof, water damage is among the most difficult things that you will be dealing with. It is important that if you are dealing with water damage Gainesville Florida that you know exactly how to address the situation. Here are some important details that you should know when it comes to dealing with water damage.

Policies for flood and water damage

You may think that water damage is all the same. In reality, it is a bit different. There are policies designed for flood water damage while there are insurance policies dealing with damaged pipes that have caused the problem in your house.

There are some water damage scenarios that won’t be covered by your insurance coverage. It is a good idea that you review your policy. This way, you know exactly what is covered by the company.

Not all types of water damages are covered

Make sure that the type of water damage is covered. If you are dealing with water damaged from your washing machine or simply because you forgot to shut down the faucet, then don’t expect that the insurance company is going to cover for any of the damages sustained in your home.

You need to act quickly

If you are going to deal with water damage, you have no other choice but to act quick. The more that you are stalling the repairs, the more damage can be sustained by the water. It is important to pin point the problem first. Keep in mind as well that it can be a serious health risk. It can grow mold in your area. Expect mold to grow within 24 to 48 hours.

What you can do is to call your insurance company immediately. This way, the claims process can begin right away. They will also tell you steps on how you can minimize and prevent further damage in your property.

Know the pollution level of the water

There are different categories of water damage. For instance, water damage caused by clean water is category 1. This may not pose any health threat. For category 2, there is a probability that the water has bacteria in it. And category 3 is contaminated water that may even be fatal. By knowing these categories, it is possible to carry out the plans that should be done in order to solve the problem. Also, you will be able to know the next step that you have to make. If you are dealing with category 3 water damage, you may have no other choice but to leave the house.

Call the restoration company

Once the problem has been addressed by the insurance company, it is a good idea that you turn your attention to the best restoration experts. They can provide you with solutions to make the home look brand new again. There are insurance companies that will even recommend a couple of companies that can help you restore your home after water damage. However, keep in mind that you don’t even have to call them.

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