What’s The Cost Of Divorce Lawyers In Ohio

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January 29, 2018
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What’s The Cost Of Divorce Lawyers In Ohio

Are you thinking about getting a divorce in Ohio? You should expect to pay an average of $12500. The cost of hiring a divorce attorney is about $9900 since the average hourly rate is about $240. The amount is also inclusive of the rate of staff and paralegals working on your case as well as the total time spend on the case. The rest comes from court filings, compensation for expert witnesses, the cost of sharing and copying relevant documents and payments to consultations such as appraisers, financial analysts or child custody evaluators.

Filing For Divorce And Looking For Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Note that, if you’re filing for divorce with minor children or with a higher net worth, your overall costs would be much more than the averages mentioned above. On the other hand, if the divorce is filed based on a fault such as incompatibility, adultery or habitual drunkenness, the cost will be considerably higher.

What Is A Fault Divorce?

By filing for divorce under these terms, you’re informing the court that your spouse was responsible for the breakup because of bigamy, adultery, abandonment for 12 months, imprisonment, gross neglect of marital duties, mental or physical abuse, alcohol or drug addiction and much more. Once you have filed for divorce depending on these behaviors, you need to prove with admissible and compelling evidence and your fees might increase accordingly.

That’s because your attorney needs to hire a private investigator to trail your spouse and find evidence of the fault mentioned in the divorce. The attorney also needs to work closely with the private investigator to review the evidence gathered on the case and depose your spouse and any other witnesses on record. Keep in mind that some fault issues are governed by privacy family law attorney in Columbus OH so before they are pursued, it’s advisable to ask your attorney what’s legal or not.

Divorce With Minor Children

Any divorce filing involving child support or custody issues can be at least 50% more expensive than the averages mentioned above. For instance, a divorce with minor children involved costs about $18000 with attorney’s fees being an average of $15900. However, if you and your spouse can reach an agreement before the trial, the overall costs of the divorce will be considerably lower. Also, filing for a fault divorce with minor children involved will also be more costly than the average mentioned. For instance, if you’re seeking divorce and custody of children because of abandonment, addiction, institutionalization, abuse or neglect.

Divorce With Alimony And Property Division Issues

A divorce with alimony issues often causes people to argue about the incomes of the working spouse and might cost much more. On the other hand, if there are property division issues, especially where both couples make a lot of income, there should be more costs. For instance if the couples can’t agree on their assets or if one of the partners hides their assets, a private investigator should be hired to find the required evidence to prove it in court and that will be very costly.

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