When Will You Need a Family Law Attorney

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March 8, 2018

When Will You Need a Family Law Attorney

Many couples when they first decide to end their relations may wonder if the services of a qualified family law attorney are really necessary. It is easy to assume that any issues that arise from the separation can be handled amicably.

“We will make the end as easy and fun as the beginning,” many couples bravely state, and there may be a measure of success depending on the selfless natures of the individuals. But let’s face it, the termination of such a relationship would not be happening if selflessness was the prime ingredient of a relationship. Most often when a couple decides to terminate the relationship, it is because one or both members of the party no longer feels the marriage is advantageous to themselves personally.

It has been the experience that what was an amicable separation can spark and fizzle with emotion and small discussions over divorce arrangement can escalate into emotional scenes that aren’t beneficial to anyone involved.

This especially true in instances where children are involved as well as in those where the couple may have started a business together or accumulated considerable wealth together. Each of these situations has implications for the future and strong sentimental value in the past and can be difficult to diffuse without a dispassionate ally.

A family law attorney works in these especially difficult situations to bring about the happiest endings that can be hoped for. Having a great deal of experience in the most emotionally sensitive aspect of the legal community, your divorce attorney can help the family find the most convenient route to amicable divorce that hopefully all involved are looking for.

Following are two situations in which the services of a family law attorney will be most beneficial.

Divorce Proceedings Involving Children

If there are children involved in a relationship that will soon be terminated, it is a good idea to have a family law attorney advise on the best courses of action at each step of the way, for the best interests of the children involved. There may be many “understood” or spoken agreements in effect that cannot be relied on once the prospect of divorce is on the table. Good manners and marital compromise will be suddenly out the window and it is not uncommon for one spouse to lead the other into thinking the legal community will be kept out of the divorce only to be presented with a court summons and a team of legal professionals ready to strip them of all but their name. In a situation like this, the unprepared spouse will be at the mercy of their former mate.

The Termination of a Marriage that has accumulated some Shared Valuables

A marriage may have a single breadwinner and another spouse who handles the tasks of home care, child raising and even a support to the breadwinner. When this marriage is ended, it may seem that the breadwinner has the upper hand, after all they paid for the car, the boat, the house the bread and the other has nothing.

The courts will see things differently, the non-breadwinning spouse and children have been living comfortably together for most of their young lives and evicting them is out of the question. Furthermore, they will need the ongoing support of the breadwinner till such a time, if ever, as they can take care of themselves. In the end, the breadwinner may lose it all and need to maintain their support of their family. To learn more visit the site or contact us.

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